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Digital Weaponisation Research 

Securing a digital world through offensive security research

Code Exploitation & System Compromise Research

DWR works in the public interest alongside our global partners and academia to create a foundation for future threat models for the private sector, government and wider community.

The DWR investigates adversarial tactics, techniques, procedures, and advanced persistent threats to understand current attack methodologies and evasion strategies.  

This mission-critical research is open source and available for a safer digital world.  

Commodity Level Attacks & Evasion Strategies

Software and Security tools are freely available and easy to obtain; whilst investing in monitoring might assist in detection, what measures have been implemented for protection and containment?

Effectiveness of Security Standards

Organisations should understand if they are leveraging security standards to their benefit or Identify if they are just an expensive tick box exercise?

Hackers Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

Understanding adversary Tactics, Tools and procedures (TTP’s) is critical in understanding Business Risk. Are your BCP and Incident run books real?

Digital Bias in Technical Audit Committees

Frameworks and standards are blueprints to standard practices, they should be used to form a baseline and foundation for an organisation to build on.   

The question is, how effective are they?

Global Reach.
International Consequences.

The DWR investigates current affairs in Cyber Security and produces unique research into what biases might exist in security advisory committees and how that might be exploited.


Research outcomes proposed the ethnography of security steering committees and utilising commonly available hacking tools and methodologies to practically evaluate how standard defensive controls and frameworks can be exploited by using hackers' tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

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