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Research Papers & Publications 

Moden Science 

 Evaluation of Cyber Essentials through Hackers Tactics,
Techniques and Procedures

A Paper that presents a framework for a standard template for the creation of a low risk, cost-effective laboratory for the testing of cyber security standards, policies and tools.

ISO:27001 Gap Analysis 

This research paper will investigate and review each technical control recommended by ISO:27001/2 and will see the creation of an exploit matrix to evaluate their effectiveness.

NIST CSF Vulnerabilities and Exploitation

The outcome of this study will provide data and recommendations that can be used across multiple industries to strengthen their security posture by implementing new controls identified as gaps in the NIST CSF framework.

Weaponisation of Digital Bias

The author of this research is conducting a unique investigation into what biases might exist in security advisory committees and how that might be exploited.

This research will allow the reader to understand the importance of unconscious bias in cyber security steering committees; it will also highlight what the potential effects could be If they get it wrong.

Understand Your Threat Landscape

The eCrime ecosystem remains vast and interconnected, with many criminal enterprises supporting big game hunting operations. Notable in 2020 is the pivotal role access brokers play in the eCrime ecosystem. 

Whilst malicious actors take all the risks in targeting organisations and everyday people, the designers and developers of these hacking tools take zero risks and do not face prosecution. 

Cyber Essentials Threat matrix 

This unique research will recreate commodity-level attacks across various industries and investigate how Cyber Essentials recommended controls mitigate them.

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