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Our Mission

At DWR, we solve problems for a safer Digital world. Through our Offensive Security and R&D labs, we work across industries to tackle challenges for the stability of modern-day digital lives.

Our Story

DWR works in the public interest alongside our global partners and academia.  We bring innovative ideas and investigation into areas as varied as bias, artifical intelligence, practical binary analysis, cryptography, cyber space, evasion methodologies, zero trust, threat hunting and cyber resilience.

Our achievements are built on a foundation of special attributes:​

  • Innovative Approach: Bring an interdisciplinary approach that delivers innovation to our sponsors and our partners.

  • Objective Insight: We provide a conflict-free perspective with trusted access to bring proprietary data to decisions.

  • Technical Know-How: We combine applied science and systems thinking with deep domain expertise to define the right problems and create solutions.

  • Pioneering Together: We serve as a thought partner who freely collaborates and helps bring innovative ideas into existence.

Patrick Wake is the founder and primary researcher at DWR, believing that understanding and using Offensive Security Techniques is the best way to ensure system resiliency and data protection. 


As well as being the primary researcher at DWR Patrick is also the Global Head of Information Security at FDM Group for the last seven years, having previously worked for the Ministry of Defence in the UK. 

With over a decade of experience in Information Security, having worked in offensive security, governance and leadership, Patrick is currently responsible for the security strategy and posture at FDM Group, enabling an FTSE 250 company to respond efficiently to COVID-19 and securely move to remote working overnight. 

Full profile here

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